We aim through all our branches to specialize providing high quality products, with reliable sources, our products are characterized by Reliability, luxury and high quality


Give a variety of products for day-to-day needs    

Olive oil

Use olive oil to being a healthy food rich in fat and vitamins.

That made us offer the best items at all


Olive possesses many benefits, it is a whole food with health benefits, nutritional and cosmetic, his sanctity especially in all monotheistic religions. Proceeding from the importance we have always to provide various types of high quality

Nuts & Coffee

Of us can dispense coffee for one day, and we can say that various types of nuts is basics in our daily lives, so we offer you the finest coffee and nuts with expert contracts.


One of the most important and most plant species richness in terms of diversity, and for being highly nutritious, sought to choose premium quality items are selected very carefully.


   Cheese and yogurt are rich sources of protein and calcium, healthy option is suitable for our bodies, we provide you the most important natural resources and rich.

Grandparents experience
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Since its founding AlShanawani Co. appeared competence in providing high quality food products, and a clear vision and strong quality standard for providing excellent food, AlShanawani Co. has become a key destination for the day to meet the basic food products. And the aim of the company to become a leader in the field of groceries through Saudi meet the consumer’s needs in this area, focusing on basic objectives centered on exceeding consumer expectations, providing a valuable and high quality products to customers and consumers
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